“Dear Madam: Your letter of the 6th of the 7th mo. was

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"I should like to see him. I should like him to answer the question I have just put you. I should rest easier and get well faster - or not get well at all."

“Dear Madam: Your letter of the 6th of the 7th mo. was

This latter he half whispered, and Doris, tripping from the room may not have heard it, for her face showed no further shadow as she ushered in Mr. Challoner, and closed the door behind him. She had looked forward to this moment for days. To Oswald, however, it was an unexpected excitement and his voice trembled with something more than physical weakness as he greeted his visitor and thanked him for his attentions.

“Dear Madam: Your letter of the 6th of the 7th mo. was

"Doris says that you have shown me this kindness from the desire you have to see me well again Mr. Challoner. Is this true?"

“Dear Madam: Your letter of the 6th of the 7th mo. was

"Very true. I cannot emphasise the fact too strongly."

Oswald's eyes met his again, this time with great earnestness.

"You must have serious reasons for feeling so - reasons which I do not quite understand. May I ask why you place such value upon a life which, if ever useful to itself or others, has lost and lost forever, the one delight which gave it meaning?"

It was for Mr. Challoner's voice to tremble now, as reaching out his hand, he declared, with unmistakable feeling:

"I have no son. I have no interest left in life, outside this room and the possibilities it contains for me. Your attachment to my daughter has created a bond between us, Mr. Brotherson, which I sincerely hope to see recognised by you."

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